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Web Development Prices In South Africa: A Quick Guide

When we say, website design pricing guide, does it suggest the complete development including the maintenance afterward as well as related services offered or simply web design?


Often, business owners expect ridiculously low prices from web developers but they forget that neither the software or the time spent on the design is free. It’s time-consuming and requires effort to build the perfect website that suits your specific business needs.

How Much Does a Website Cost?


Asking what the price of web development is can be very generic — it doesn’t include any specifics. It’s the same as asking how much a car costs. You’d need to be much more specific than that. What type of car? What will you use it for? Does it need to be fuel efficient? Do you have a budget?


When you think of it like that, it’s clear that “how much does a website cost” is a loaded question. It will depend on your specific needs and the functionalities you require. Added to that, everyone values the concept of “cost” differently.


What I can say is that, depending on your budget, there are different options when it comes to website development and design.


  • Custom Web Development, also the most expensive option, will give you all the functionality and uniqueness you need if you have money to spend.
  • The other option is to design a platform-based website — Squarespace or Wix.com. Hosting and email are typically included but the options aren’t as varied.


Some web development companies do offer packages where most of the services such as design, hosting, and emails are included in the total price. There could also be a monthly cost for maintenance.


One of the best ways to compare website design prices South Africa is to use a web compare portal. You’ll be provided with 3-5 quotes from different developers enabling you to make an informed decision and find a web developer that fits your style and your budget.


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