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About the author
Fred Khumalo is Insight & Opinion editor at the Sunday Times, where he also writes a weekly socio-political column. He has published numerous short stories in magazines and literary journals, including Staffrider, Tribute, Drum and Pace. He is married and lives in Johannesburg. His second published work, Bitches’ Brew, was joint winner of the European Union Literary Award for 2006.

“Anyway, why do you think you want to write? Other boys like you are playing soccer, chasing skirts and you are wasting your time copying dead white men. Where’s your sense of wonder, sense of excitement?”
Fred Khumalo in conversation with the poet Mafika Pascal Gwala, p.122, Touch My Blood.

From Fred Khumalo on the origins of Touch My Blood
“The seeds that gave birth to the book come from an embarrassing past. In 1991 I found myself having an ugly fight with a stranger in bar in Ottawa, Canada. Instead of using conventional tactics of fighting, I simply grabbed him by his balls, rendering him helpless. He ultimately collapsed on the table and gave up. The following day, I sat down and pondered on the incident. There and then, I started drafting notes, trying to answer a very simple but troubling question: Fred Khumalo, who are you at this stage? Who do you want to be? What makes you behave the way you do sometimes? That was the beginning of the book. At the beginning the book was so angry that I found myself stuck. I stopped writing …until I read Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt and Nathan McCall’s Makes Me Wanna Holler, books that showed me that you can tell a sad and angry tale in a humorous and warm manner.”

Title published by Umuzi
Touch My Blood

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